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- www.letsmove.gov

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Naturopathic Solutions to Improve your Wellbeing

- www.gwencatesart.net

Artist, Gwen Cates, is Linda Foster's sister. She lives in the Central Valley of California with her winemaker husband Bill Cates. "Welcome to my online gallery. My goal in painting is to astonish myself and to share this sense of wonder with others. I want the viewer to feel involved in the act of painting, to be aware of the brush strokes and the sensuousness of the medium as much as the subject matter of a piece."

- www.peakpilates.com

- https://vimeo.com/49415929

Video WaterFire Roma 2012

- www.wm.edu/dance/SummerWorkshop.html

Link to information regarding the College of William and Mary's Summer Workshop and the College's Dance Program

- www.tevereterno.it

International Visual and Performing arts project aimed at renewing the historic cultural and recreational symbiosis between the Tiber river and the city of Rome.

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